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Our Flights

Listed rates are per passenger, 1 passenger minumum. 

Flights depart from the Saint Ignatius Area.

Additional Information-Please Read

Must ride with adult if under the age of 10. Age 2 and up require a seat. Max single passenger weight must not exceed 280 lbs. Max combined weight per three passengers must not exceed 575 lbs. Passengers with serious medical conditions should not fly.


  • You don’t need to bring anything apart from your camera/cell phone for taking videos and photos. Sunglasses are also suggested.

  • We suggest wearing comfortable shoes and dark-colored clothing for taking better photos.

  • Light-colored clothing reflects on the transparent windows and can cause undesirable flares in your photos. This is why it is recommended to wear dark clothing when riding in a helicopter.

Make your Event Unique!

Hire us for rides at weddings, anniversaries, parties, etc... or if you have a certain flight in mind, give us a call and we can customize your experience.

Flathead River Flights

$150.00 per seat (30 minutes)

We will depart to the West for a spectacular flight over the Flathead River. You will see the beautiful panorama of the Countryside and Mission Mountain Range as we fly over and along this amazing river.

"Near Polson the river leaves the natural basin of Flathead Lake, but first passes through Seli’š Ksanka Qlispe’ Dam (formerly Kerr Dam), which raises Flathead Lake's level by 10 feet. After flowing through the dam the river turns south and meanders through the Flathead Valley west of the Mission Mountains, and at Dixon it is joined by the small Jocko River. At the Jocko River confluence it turns west, and a few miles after flows into the Clark Fork near Paradise"(-wikipedia)

Mission Valley Flight

$150.00 per seat (30 minutes)

We will depart to the North flying along the Mission Mountain Range towards the South end of Flathead Lake. The views of the Mission Mountain Range and South end of Flathead Lake on this tour are astounding and give an unparalleled experience for passengers.

"The Mission Mountains or Mission Range are a range of the Rocky Mountains located in northwestern Montana. They lie chiefly in Lake County and Missoula County and are south and east of Flathead Lake and west of the Swan Range. On the east side of the range is the Swan River Valley and on the west side the Mission Valley. The highest point in the Mission Mountains is McDonald Peak at 9,820 feet (2,990 m)".  (-wikipedia)

Flathead River and Mission Valley Flight

$275 per seat (60 minutes)

Combine the best of the Mission Valley and Flathead River Tours. A full hour tour that offers a birds eye view of the Flathead River, CountrySide, Mission Range, and Flathead Lake. Truly a spectacular way to see the area.

Let's Fly Together

Disclaimer:  Any tour is subject to cancellation or rescheduling without notice or penalty due to weather, safety concerns, or the pilots discretion.

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